Quik-Shot Inversion Unit is the most advanced lateral lining system available. Lightweight and portable and yet can continuously feed to any length. Basic unit equipped to invert both 4”, & 6”. Compatible with any and all manufacturer’s lining materials. The Unit uses air to invert the lining material but is equipped with a water port if water inversion is desired.

Calibration Hand Roller on a foldable stand has a calibration scale on unit to insure the proper amount of resin in every liner. Stands approximately 54 in x 30 in wide. Designed so it can be used as a standalone or truck mounted.

Quik Shot Optional Kits are available for either 3” and 8” liners. 5” Bats for 5” material also available. Kit includes, nozzle, bats, stiffener and gasket.

Air manifold regulator control to be used when air curing.

Quik-Heater has a 199,000 BTU propane water heater that gives you the ability to cure your liners quickly. This heater will deliver up to 150 degree water. By using propane, it can be operated inside a building. All this in a compact unit that can easily be maneuvered by one man.

Water manifold to be used with the Quik-Heater for 3”, 4”, 6” and 8” liners.